Adele Gets Candid About Back Struggles, Says a Spinal Disc is Worn Away

Adele Gets Candid About Back Struggles, Says a Spinal Disc is Worn Away

Adele, the British singer-songwriter, has opened up about her struggles with a spinal disc issue that has caused her ongoing pain and forced her to cancel shows in the past.

In a recent interview with a leading magazine, the 33-year-old Grammy winner shared that she has a worn-out spinal disc that causes her intense pain and sometimes affects her mobility.

“I have a bad back. It’s an issue with my spinal disc,” Adele said. “It’s something that I’ve had since I was about 20, and it can get really bad. When it’s bad, I can’t move properly. I have a herniated disc, and it’s pinching on my nerves.”

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The superstar revealed that she has tried various treatments for her back pain, including physical therapy, acupuncture, and Pilates, but none have been a complete solution. She also said that she’s had to cancel shows due to her back pain.

“I had to cancel a show once because I couldn’t stand up. I literally couldn’t stand up,” Adele shared. “It’s the weirdest thing because I can sing, but I can’t stand up. I’m really, really nervous about my back.”

Despite her ongoing struggles with back pain, Adele is set to release her highly-anticipated album, “30,” on November 19. She said that the album’s songs were written during a time of personal turmoil, including her divorce from ex-husband Simon Konecki, which she called “the biggest deal in my entire life.”

Adele’s candid interview about her back struggles has inspired many fans to share their own experiences with chronic pain and the challenges it poses. Her honesty about her condition has also served as a reminder of the importance of taking care of one’s physical health, especially when pursuing a career in the performing arts.

As Adele continues to make her mark on the music world, she remains determined to overcome her back pain and pursue her passion for singing. Her bravery in sharing her struggles with the world is a testament to her resilience and strength.

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