Blink-182 Forced to Postpone Latin American Tour Due to Travis Barker’s Finger Injury

Blink-182 Forced to Postpone Latin American Tour Due to Travis Barker’s Finger Injury

FansBlink-182 Forced to Postpone Latin American Tour Due to Travi of rock band Blink-182 have been left disappointed after the group announced the postponement of its first-ever Latin American tour. The announcement comes after drummer Travis Barker severely injured his finger during rehearsals for the tour in February.

The tour’s first leg was scheduled to kick off on March 11 at the Imperial GNP festival in Tijuana, Mexico. However, due to Barker’s injury, the band has been forced to delay the string of shows for the foreseeable future.

In an Instagram video, band member Tom DeLonge apologized to fans in South America, saying, “I’m so sorry to everyone in South America that we couldn’t come down there. This has been something we’ve been aiming to do for so long, and we work so hard, and we just kind of had one of those freak accidents that nobody saw coming.”

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DeLonge went on to explain that Barker needs to undergo surgery on his finger and get it strong before they can perform. The band plans to return to Latin America soon, but they need to ensure Barker’s recovery first.

The North American leg of the tour is still scheduled to begin on May 5 in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and will finish in Nashville on July 16, according to Rolling Stone.

The news of the postponement has left many fans disappointed, especially those who have been waiting for years to see the band perform live in Latin America. However, the band is determined to make it up to their fans and promises to return soon.

This incident is a reminder that accidents can happen to anyone, even to seasoned musicians like Blink-182. We wish Travis Barker a speedy recovery and hope to see the band back on stage soon.

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