Dylan Mulvaney Addresses Anti-Trans Backlash Over Brand Partnerships

Dylan Mulvaney Addresses Anti-Trans Backlash Over Brand Partnerships

TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney has spoken out about the online criticism she has received after being chosen as an ambassador for Nike and Bud Light. Mulvaney, who is a member of the transgender community, addressed the issue during an episode of the Onward with Rosie O’Donnell podcast.

Mulvaney explained that she believes she has become an easy target for online trolls due to her relative newness to the public eye. She also highlighted the ongoing attacks towards transgender people in the US and her own transition.

While not naming anyone in particular, Mulvaney did say that the recent backlash shows that there is a need for change. “It’s just a heavy time. And it’s time to step up, for sure,” she said.

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The backlash against Mulvaney began in early April, after she shared promotional content for Bud Light and Nike on her social media channels. Trolls took to her posts to criticise the two brands for endorsing a transgender woman.

Following the online hate, Kid Rock posted a video of himself shooting a rifle at a case of Bud Light beer. O’Donnell criticised the musician for his actions during the podcast, stating that beer companies have been supportive of the LGBTQIA community for decades.

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Nike responded to the hateful comments on its post by promising to delete any that were deemed inappropriate. The brand also emphasised the importance of creating a positive and inclusive community.

Despite the negativity, Mulvaney appears to be staying positive. In a recent Instagram post, she sang the song “No One Is Alone” from Into the Woods and thanked her followers for their support.

The ongoing attacks against Mulvaney and other members of the transgender community highlight the need for greater understanding and acceptance. As Mulvaney herself said, it’s time to step up and create a more inclusive world.

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