Emraan Hashmi: Humaima Malik

Not ashamed to act in a film with Emraan Hashmi: Humaima Malik

Pakistani actress Humaima Malik says that she has no shame about working with Bollywood actor Emraan Hashmi in the film ‘Raja Natturlal’.

Hamaima recently gave an interview to a digital platform in which she talked about her upcoming film ‘The Legend of Moolah Jat’ and working in India.

The actress said that ‘I may have a romantic scene in this film, I am an actor, an actor plays a role, he becomes what he is told to be’.

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Humaima Malik said that ‘there was no romantic scene in this film that I am ashamed of, I worked with Emraan Hashmi and I am not ashamed of that either’. She said that at that time, I did not know what kind of work my Pakistani people wanted from me and how I would be treated after this film. I did a film with Imran Hashmi. He is a very good person. In the interview, Humaima told about her role in “The Legend of Moula Jat” she is playing the role of the main character Noori Nath’s sister named ‘Daro Nath’.

Source: Geo

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