Pak-India Artistic Connection Aima Baig's Unreleased Bollywood Songs Revealed

Pak-India Artistic Connection: Aima Baig’s Unreleased Bollywood Songs Revealed

Despite the long-standing political animosity between Pakistan and India, the two countries share a mutual love for art, as seen in the popularity of Pakistani artists in India. However, India’s ban on Pakistani artists has put a halt on such collaborations. Pakistani singer Aima Baig recently revealed in a podcast with Shahveer Jafry that she has recorded five songs for Bollywood productions, including a movie starring Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan, but they have yet to be released due to the ban imposed in 2016.

Baig shared that she and some of her fellow members had recorded the songs in Dubai, but she was never allowed to enter India. Despite not having the rights to the songs, the Coke Studio singer stated that she would find a way to release them, even if it’s not in India.

Baig also revealed that she was offered a role in Mahira Khan’s production series Baarwan Khiladi, but had to reject it due to her arthritis, which had put her in a wheelchair at the time. The singer praised Khan for being understanding of her situation and settling the problem in a subtle manner.

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Aima Baig also mentioned receiving an offer for a web series on Netflix but wants to establish herself as a musician first before stepping into acting. The singer hopes to release her original music to the world before pursuing other opportunities.

Despite the political tension between Pakistan and India, the two countries’ mutual love for art continues to create opportunities for collaboration and cultural exchange.

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