Shakira says goodbye to Barcelona after split with Gerard Piqué

Shakira says goodbye to Barcelona after split with Gerard Piqué

Shakira, the Colombian singer, has left Barcelona for the United States with her two sons after a messy split with her ex-boyfriend and former footballer Gerard Piqué. The news was confirmed through an Instagram post shared by Shakira on Monday, April 3rd, 2023, where she bid farewell to the Spanish city that had been her home for the past decade.

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In the post, Shakira expressed her gratitude towards the city and her friends. She wrote, “I established myself in Barcelona to give my kids stability, the same one we are now looking for in another corner of the world alongside my family, friends and the sea. Today we start a new chapter in search of their happiness.”

Shakira also thanked her Spanish fans for their loyalty and love, promising to return to them in the future. She wrote, “Thanks to all my Spanish fans that gave me their loyalty and love. For you guys, it’s only a see you later and like my father said many times, we’ll see you on the curves.”

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According to reports, Shakira is heading to Miami, Florida with her sons Milan and Sasha. The singer, who is 46 years old, announced her separation from the football star Piqué, who is 36 years old, last May after being together for 12 years. However, in the months that followed, the former couple made headlines after Piqué was accused of having an affair with Clara Chia.

Shakira broke her silence on the separation in September 2022 in a cover story interview for Elle. She stated that the split had been “tough” but had been “incredibly difficult” for her two children who are 10 and 8 years old. She also mentioned that she tried to conceal the situation from her children and protect them, as it was her number one mission in life.

Since then, the singer has dropped a few diss tracks seemingly confirming Piqué’s infidelity. Shakira’s departure from Barcelona marks the end of an era for the singer, who made the city her home for over a decade.

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