A 16-year-old youth committed suicide by jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge

An Indian-American youth committed suicide by jumping from the famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

According to foreign media reports , the youth’s parents and the American Coast Guard have confirmed that the 16-year-old’s bicycle, phone and bag have been recovered from the Golden Gate Bridge.

He said that the youth is believed to have jumped from the bridge around 5 pm. The youth was a student of Class XII.

Coast Guards say they saw the teenager jump from the bridge and immediately launched a two-hour search operation, but the chances of the teenager’s survival are slim.

Community leader Ajay Jain Bhattoria says that this is the fourth incident in which an Indian-American youth has tried to commit suicide by jumping from the Golden Bridge.

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It should be noted that according to the Bridge Rail Foundation, an organization that prevents the increasing incidents of suicide from the Golden Gate Bridge, 25 people have committed suicide by jumping from the bridge in the last one year, while almost 2 thousand cases have been reported since 1937.

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