Bengaluru Rickshaw Drivers Call Strike Against Illegal Bike Taxis, 2 Lakh Autos to Be Off Streets Today

Bengaluru Rickshaw Drivers Call Strike Against Illegal Bike Taxis, 2 Lakh Autos to Be Off Streets Today

In a major development, the auto-rickshaw drivers’ union in Bengaluru has called for a strike today to protest against the growing menace of illegal bike taxis in the city. As a result, around 2 lakh auto-rickshaws are expected to stay off the streets, causing major inconvenience to commuters.

The auto-rickshaw drivers claim that the illegal bike taxis are not only affecting their livelihood but also posing a threat to the safety of passengers. They allege that the bike taxis are operating without proper licenses and insurance, and their drivers are not trained to handle passengers in case of emergencies.

The bike taxi companies, on the other hand, argue that they are providing a much-needed service to commuters, especially in areas where auto-rickshaws are not easily available. They claim that they have all the necessary licenses and permits to operate in the city and are following all the safety guidelines.

The government, meanwhile, has been trying to mediate between the two sides and find a solution to the issue. Officials have called for a meeting with the representatives of the auto-rickshaw drivers’ union and the bike taxi companies to resolve the matter.

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However, with the strike set to affect the daily commute of lakhs of people in Bengaluru, it remains to be seen how long the impasse will continue. Commuters are advised to make alternative travel arrangements and plan their journeys accordingly.

In the meantime, social media is abuzz with opinions on the matter, with some supporting the auto-rickshaw drivers’ demands and others calling for a more modern and efficient transportation system in the city. Whatever the outcome, it is clear that the issue of illegal bike taxis in Bengaluru is a contentious one that requires urgent attention from all stakeholders.

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