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Hong Kong govt will distribute 5 lakh free tickets to tourists

The Hong Kong government says it will distribute 500,000 free airline tickets to citizens around the world to promote tourism in the country. The value of these tickets is said to be 254.8 million dollars.

Hong Kong’s tourism sector has suffered a lot due to the restrictions imposed due to Corona and now the government here is trying to restore tourism after the restrictions are lifted.

As the number of tourists coming to Hong Kong has decreased drastically, various airlines are trying to continue their operations or flights to Hong Kong.

On the other hand, last day, the management of the British airline “Virgin Atlantic” announced that they are stopping their flight operations to Hong Kong due to the problems caused by the Ukr vr.

Xin Cheng, Executive Director of the Hong Kong Tourism Board, said that the Airport Authority of Hong Kong will finalize the arrangements with the airline companies. After the final announcement from the government, we will start an advertising campaign for free air tickets.” Xin Cheng, Executive Director. Hong Kong Tourism Board said.

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He said that in fact these tickets were purchased by the Hong Kong government from various airlines during the Corona epidemic and the purpose was to minimize the losses of the airlines due to Corona so that they could continue their flight operations to Hong Kong.

He said that now these tickets will be distributed among the people for free.

Virgin Atlantic has announced that it will close its office in Hong Kong and will end flight operations from London to Hong Kong after 30 years.

Due to the Russian occupation of Ukraine, many airlines have canceled their flights to different countries. Because of the war, airlines are having to fly long routes because the airspace of war-torn areas is closed.

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Virgin Airlines says it apologizes to loyal customers for any disappointment caused by the closure on this or any other route, and will refund all customers who pre-booked tickets. have been submitted or will be offered rebooking on an alternative Virgin Atlantic route.

During the first eight months of this year, the number of people traveling to Hong Kong was 184,000. These figures show a significant decrease in the number of tourists who came to Hong Kong before the Corona epidemic. If you look at the data of 2019, five hundred and sixty thousand tourists visited Hong Kong this year.

Source: BBC

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