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Hunter Biden may be sued for tax crimes

The FBI gathered enough evidence to charge Hunter Biden with tax crimes and making false statements to buy guns. A federal investigation has been ongoing since 2018 against the son of US President Joe Biden. The decision to file criminal charges is now up to the U.S. Attorney in Delaware. An attorney for Hunter said he had not been contacted by federal agents. He has repeatedly denied breaking the law.

The US Department of Justice has declined to comment. 52-year-old Hunter Biden is a lawyer and lobbyist. who have worked abroad including China and Ukraine. He was discharged from the US Navy in 2014 after testing positive for cocaine. Federal agents began investigating him in 2018, and initially focused on his overseas business and consulting finances.

Over time, research began to focus on this. that Hunter misreported his income and made false statements on paperwork used to purchase firearms in 2018;

He confessed in a book published last year. That he was still a heavy user of crack cocaine. But the Washington Post reported that he said “no” on a federal form. which asked whether he was “an illegal user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic or other controlled substance”.

Criminal charges arising from falsification of firearm purchase forms are rare. Every year their number increases by hundreds.

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In a statement sent to CBS, the president’s son’s lawyer said. that he expects the Justice Department to “vigorously investigate and prosecute” those who leak information about the investigation.

It has been said in a statement released by lawyer Chris Clark. that ‘as appropriate and legally required. We understand that the prosecution in this case not only the evidence provided by the agents. Rather, all the other witnesses in this case, including the defense witnesses, are also being diligently examined.

“That’s the prosecutor’s job. They shouldn’t be pressured to do their job. They shouldn’t be rushed or criticized.

Mr. Clark added that he had no contact with any federal investigators. He said that any information given by the agents, which was referred to by the Washington Post. Whoever first reported the story was “inherently biased, one-sided and inaccurate”.

Hunter Biden has long been the target of conservative scrutiny. who have been accused. that their overseas business dealings indicate a pattern of corruption;

Members of the Republican Party have expressed this determination. That is if they get a majority in the mid-term congressional elections next month. So they will investigate him in the House of Representatives.

Although young Biden has admitted to a troubled life and former “massive drug addiction”. But both he and President Biden have denied engaging in illegal activity.

He first admitted knowledge of an investigation in December 2020. Hunter Biden said in a statement at that time. That they believe that this will be evident by a professional and objective review of these matters. That I have handled my affairs legally and properly with the help of professional tax advisors.

Joe Biden’s Chief of Staff Ron Klein said in April. That the American president is sure that his son did not break the law. But the matter will be left to the Justice Department and the White House will not be involved.

According to American media reports, Hunter Biden was investigated at that time in 2018. When his girlfriend at the time threw one of his guns in a trash can near a school.

According to Politico, Secret Service agents reportedly visited the Delaware store. From where he bought the firearm earlier this month. and requested access to his background check form.

The owner of the gun shop refused to hand over the paperwork and no charges were filed, the website reported.

Source: The Washing Ton Post

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