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In the pizza feast, 3000 people ate 1000 pizzas

Oklahoma: The world’s largest pizza party was held in the US, with an astonishing 3,000 people attending and 1,000 pizzas served. The event was held in the hall of the University of Oklahoma in which more than three thousand people participated.

On this occasion Mike Bosch, the owner of Andolini Pizza Company, said that he had been struggling for the last 8 months to break the record which was being planned. Thus an extraordinary number of participants came and in no time more than 1000 pizzas were prepared.

The feast, which began in the evening, required each person to eat two slices of pizza and finish a small bottle of water, but he had to complete the process in 15 minutes. If more than 15 minutes, his meal will not count and will be considered disqualified from the competition.

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Thus a total of 3357 people ate two slices of pizza and finished the water in the allotted time. All the people participated in this event with tickets. In this way, a total of 40,000 dollars in donations were collected, which will be spent on the treatment of sick children.

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