ISKP Intelligence and Military Chief Killed in Kabul, High-Ranking Officer Arrested by Afghan Taliban

ISKP Intelligence and Military Chief Killed in Kabul, High-Ranking Officer Arrested by Afghan Taliban

In a significant development, the intelligence and military chief of the militant group Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP)was killed during an operation in Kabul. The operation was carried out by the Afghan Taliban administration, who also arrested a high-ranking ISKP officer. These actions were taken in response to recent attacks on diplomatic missions, mosques, and other targets in the city.

The killed ISKP member, Qari Fateh, was a key member of the group who served as the Amir-al-Harb, head of Kunar province, and head of the eastern zone. He was the mastermind behind recent attacks in Kabul and was directly involved in planning and executing them. The operation was carried out with the help of Allah by the IEA Special Forces during a complex mission.

The Afghan Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid confirmed the operation and said that the group had also killed three other Daesh members, including the Indian subcontinent leader Ijaz Amin Ahingar, in a special operation on February 13. A number of other Daesh members, including foreign nationals planning deadly attacks, were also detained in recent days.

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These operations come in the backdrop of meetings between the Afghan Taliban and Pakistan, where Pakistan secured a “fresh commitment” from the Taliban to tackle the renewed threat posed by the banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). The Pakistani delegation led by the country’s defense minister visited Kabul last week, accompanied by Director General Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) Lt General Nadeem Anjum, Foreign Secretary Asad Majid, and Special envoy on Afghanistan Ambassador Muhammad Sadiq.

According to officials familiar with the development, the Afghan interim government shared details of certain actions it took against terrorist groups, including TTP affiliates. The recent terrorist attacks in Peshawar Police Lines and Karachi Police Office compelled Pakistani authorities to reach out to the Afghan Taliban, conveying their concerns and announcing the end of talks with the TTP.

The outcome of the high-level visit is expected to be visible in the coming weeks as Pakistan expects certain actions by the Afghan Taliban against terrorist outfits operating out of Afghan soil.

The killing of Qari Fateh and the arrest of a high-ranking ISKP officer by the Afghan Taliban is a significant development in the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan. It highlights the efforts being made by the Taliban and Pakistan to tackle the threat of terrorism and ensure stability in the region.

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