Catherine to Kate Midton: Prince of Wales that are compared to Diana

If you have not been a student of history, the answer is definitely no. What they have in common is that all of them were princesses of Wales at one time, which is called ‘Princess of Wales’.

This address is now found to Catherine Middleton, the UK’s Consulate Prince William’s wife. However, if you look at the history, the personalities were not reputation in the fate of the majority of this address.

Kate Middleton

She was the only wife of the Prince of Wales, with the exception of Gwenllion of Wales, who was the only Welsh woman to have been given the title by her father, the last native Prince of wales.

Had Catherine received this title at any other time, it may not have been of any importance. But that title was previously held by Diana Spencer, her mother-in-law, who is perhaps the most photographed woman in the world.

It will be difficult for Catherine to follow in their footsteps. Diana’s life, which began with a fairytale wedding and ended in divorce and death in a Paris car crash in 1997 at the age of 36, had all the ingredients of a tragic Greek legend.

Kate Middleton

Public love for Diana, known as the People’s Princess, made it impossible for Camilla Parker, who married the current King Charles III in 2005, to use the title, who chose the lesser title of Duchess of Cornwall.

And now it’s Catherine’s turn. But after first meeting Prince William in 2001 and marrying in 2010, she got something Diana never had: time to prepare herself for a post-marriage royal role.

It should be noted that Diana was 19 years old at the time of her marriage, while Kate Middleton was married at the age of 29.

After graduating from university, he worked for a period in his parents’ business and then for a fashion company. At that time his association with charities was limited to polo matches or fundraising events.

Kate Middleton

But by the time their engagement was announced, she had slowly begun her journey back to a more traditional royal role, part of which included charity work for children and mental health.

‘Does your husband fly a helicopter?’

Susan Hesketh is the club leader of the First Menai Bridge Scouts, which meets near Bodorgb Estate, where William and Catherine lived while serving as rescue pilots in the Prince’s Royal Air Force.

She explains that Catherine’s relationship with the Scouts began with a message in which she expressed her desire to help with these meetings.

‘It was a private matter and we weren’t allowed to tell people.’ Catherine shook his hand 12 times.

‘When they came on the first night, they introduced themselves. We were all very excited. The newcomers obviously didn’t know who they were, and when they sat down at a table with them, one of them asked, “Does your husband fly helicopters?”


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