McDonald’s reopens in Ukraine after Russian attack, ‘will surprise girlfriend’

Us fast food chain McDonald’s restaurant in Ukraine’s capital Kiev reopened on Tuesday after a Russian attack.

According to the French news agency AFP, the opening of mcdonald’s restaurant in Kiev, seven months after the Russian attack, shows that life is returning to normal in the Ukrainian capital.

The US fast food chain said in a statement that after discussions with Ukrainian authorities, security experts and suppliers, it has been decided that the restaurant should be opened for delivery first.

On Tuesday, delivery company employees queued up outside a McDonald’s restaurant in the capital to receive orders.

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“It’s a great pleasure to have the restaurant open, I won’t rest today,” a delivery boy named Maxim Khadap, sitting on his bike outside the restaurant, told AFP. ‘

A user said that he has come to receive his order from the delivery boy in front of the restaurant.

“I ordered for my girlfriend,”24 years old Oleksandr Koderkowski told AFP. Right now she has gone to work and I will take it for her. ‘

“He loves McDonald’s and I’m going to surprise him. ‘

McDonald’s suspended operations in Ukraine on February 24 after Russia invaded ukraine earlier this year.

In October, the three restaurants will be fully operational with McDonald’s Drive and Express Windows, the company said in a statement.

Seven more stores will be opened and more new restaurants will be opened in the capital and western parts of the country with a phased opening of restaurants, the statement added.

The resumption of operations in Ukraine after McDonald’s closure in Russia is seen by many Ukrainians as symbolic support for the country.

McDonald’s sold all of its restaurants to Russian businessman Alexander Goro with the announcement earlier this year to leave the Russian market.

Source: BBC

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