Midterm Elections and Muslim Americans

If any minority community is well-awakened in America’s November 8 mid-term elections. So they are Muslim Americans.

What are their results? Some important facts about Muslim Americans:

As far as Muslims are concerned, there are about 3.6 million Muslims who have settled in America from different countries. They are only one tenth of one percent of the total population. While the number of Muslim voters is only 11 to 12 lakh. It is different that non-Muslim Americans have been threatened against such a small number.

Political consciousness has been highlighted. So a large number of eligible Muslims have not only registered themselves as voters this time. Rather, the number of Muslim candidates contesting elections for various positions has also increased more than in the past.

It can be inferred from this. In the 2016 presidential election, Muslim Americans had a 60 percent voter registration rate. This year it has increased to 81 percent. Not only this, an extraordinary number of Muslim Americans have also entered the fray to be elected to various positions including houses, councils and boards in various states.

The interesting fact is that in 2020, 181 Muslim candidates participated in 28 out of 50 US states and Washington DC. Out of which 81 i.e. 44% were successful. Among them were Rashida Tlaib, the first Palestinian-American Congresswoman, Ilhan Omar, the first Somali-American, and Andre Carson. All three belong to the Democratic Party. Even now 160 Muslim officials are serving in different positions.

It is noteworthy that Keith Ellison was elected the first Muslim member of the House of Representatives in 2007. While there is still no Muslim American in the Senate. This time history may change.

Turkish-American Dr. Mehmet Oz is running for the US Senate on the Republican Party ticket from Pennsylvania. He is a successful heart surgeon and popular TV host.

The former President of the United States, Donald Trump, is also among those who endorsed Dr. Mehmet. who imposed a travel ban on citizens of Muslim-majority countries in 2017. If successful, Dr. Oz will become the first Muslim American member of the Senate.

It is not a big deal for candidates to be elected unopposed in Pakistan. But this time a Muslim woman will be elected unopposed in America.

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Born in a refugee camp in Kenya, Mana Abdi from Somalia moved to America at the age of 13. She is currently 26 years old and is running for the Democratic Party ticket from District 95 of the state of Maine.

Mana Abdi’s fate has woken up in such a way that his rival Republican Fred Sanborn Sanders suddenly withdrew from the election without giving a reason. Sanders made a very controversial statement that Muslims should not be allowed to hold public office in America.

By the time Sanders dropped the bombshell of not running on August 18, it was too late. That it was impossible for the Republican Party to field a replacement candidate for him.

The importance of Muslim American voters has also increased in recent years. According to the survey, 91 percent of Muslim voters say that they will participate in voting this time. And 63 percent of them say they will vote for Democrats.

In the constituencies of some states where there is a thorny competition. And just a few thousand votes can turn the dice, the votes of Muslims cannot be ignored there. Michigan is at the top of such states.

In 2021, Hamtramck, Michigan, had its entire city council comprised of Muslim members. The result was that 42-year-old Yemeni-American Amir Ghalib was elected as the mayor of Hamtramek.

Unlike Michigan, the majority of Muslim American candidates in California are Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and other religions.

In the constituency of California from which Pakistani American Dr. Asif Mehmood is contesting the election, there are not only Pakistanis, but also the number of Muslim Americans is equal to the salt in the flour. Despite the limited financial resources, Dr. Asif Mehmood has defeated the opponent who is campaigning vigorously.

In his constituency, District 40, 180,000 votes have been cast so far through e-mail and postal ballots. Of these, 43,000 have been cast by Republicans and 40,000 by Democrats. That is, currently the Democrat turnout is 24%, the Republican turnout is 23% and the rate of votes of Independents is 23%. It is not clear whether all Republicans or Democrats voted for their own party’s candidate or if some of them supported the rival party’s candidate.

However, in these midterm elections, the eyes of Muslim Americans are focused on Dr. Asif, who is contesting the House election, and Dr. Mehmet, who is contesting the Senate election, whose election will be of historical nature.

There are twice as many Jewish Americans as Muslim Americans, about 7.6 million, but there are 10 Jewish senators in the current Congress and 27 Jewish American members in the House of Representatives. This number is a symbol of the political consciousness of the Jewish community.

Well done to former President Donald Trump, he also gave political maturity to Muslim Americans. Now Muslim Americans are not only participating in the election themselves, going beyond the funding of the frontline leaders, but also encouraging their new generation for this purpose. Preparing for

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