Nepal Suspends Two Controllers After Flights Avert Mid-Air Crash

Nepal Suspends Two Controllers After Flights Avert Mid-Air Crash

In a shocking incident, two flights averted a mid-air collision over Nepal on Sunday, prompting the authorities to suspend two air traffic controllers. The incident occurred near the country’s only international airport in Kathmandu, which is known for its challenging terrain and poor safety record.

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What Happened?

The two aircraft, a Nepal Airlines Airbus A320 and a Turkish Airlines Boeing 737, were flying towards each other in opposite directions when they came dangerously close to colliding. The pilots of both planes were able to take evasive action at the last moment and avoid a disaster.

According to the authorities, the two air traffic controllers who were responsible for the safety of the airspace at the time of the incident have been suspended pending an investigation. The controllers have been accused of failing to communicate properly with the pilots of the two planes and not following the established safety protocols.


The incident has raised concerns about the safety of air travel in Nepal, which has seen several fatal crashes in the past. The Nepalese government has promised to take all necessary measures to improve the safety of its airspace and prevent such incidents from happening again.

The suspension of the two controllers has been welcomed by the aviation industry, with many calling for stricter regulations and better training for air traffic controllers. The incident has also sparked a debate on the need for more investment in Nepal’s aviation infrastructure, which has been criticized for its outdated technology and lack of resources.

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The incident over Nepal highlights the importance of proper communication and adherence to safety protocols in air traffic control. It also underscores the need for continuous training and investment in aviation infrastructure to ensure the safety of air travel. The suspension of the two controllers is a step in the right direction, but more needs to be done to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.

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