Police bust fake call center in Delhi following bulk breakfast orders

Police bust fake call center in Delhi following bulk breakfast orders

New Delhi: Police in the Indian capital have uncovered a fake call center operating out of a residential building in the city’s bustling commercial district, following a tip-off about a series of bulk breakfast orders.

According to local reports, the police received information about a high volume of orders being placed for breakfast from a residential complex in the city’s Nehru Place area. Upon investigating the matter, they discovered that the complex was being used as a front for a fake call center that was cheating people out of their money.

The police have arrested several people in connection with the scam, including the alleged mastermind, who is believed to have been running the operation from a foreign country. The suspects were found to be making fraudulent calls to people across the globe, posing as representatives of various companies and offering them fake products and services.

During the raid, the police seized a large amount of equipment, including computers, mobile phones, and other electronic devices, which were allegedly used to make the fraudulent calls. The police also found that the fake call center was being operated by a sophisticated network of individuals, who had set up multiple servers and were using advanced software to hide their location and identity.

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The police have said that they are still investigating the matter and are likely to make further arrests in the coming days. They have also urged people to be cautious when receiving calls from unknown numbers and to verify the authenticity of any offers or products being offered to them.

The incident has once again highlighted the growing problem of call center fraud in India, with many people falling victim to scams in recent years. The authorities have been stepping up their efforts to crack down on these operations, but the problem persists, with fraudsters constantly finding new ways to cheat unsuspecting people out of their money.

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