Who was Sara inam who was murdered?

sara inam

Who was Sara Inam?

According to the details Sara Inam got her Masters in Arts and Economics from the University of Waterloo, Canada in 2007. The University of Waterloo is considered to be one of the best educational institutions worldwide for the study of Economics.

After completing her education, Sarah started her professional life in Canada as a Junior Evaluation Officer.

In the year 2010, she joined the business consultancy company ‘Deloitte’ in Abu Dhabi where she served as a consultant and later as a senior consultant for four years. After this job, he joined the organization ‘Education and Knowledge’ in Abu Dhabi.

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During his tenure here, he worked on a major project like ‘Education for Every Child’ in Abu Dhabi and under this project a chartered school was established for the first time.

In the year 2021, Sarah joined the Economic Affairs Authority of Abu Dhabi where her main responsibility was to set policies to encourage investors.

Sara Dinavi says that when she met Sara Inam, she was struggling to improve her future. “She was not only successful in her life, but she also provided many friends with opportunities to build a better future.”

‘The Family’ was shattered


According to Stephanie Habib, “Sarah was already working at Deloitte before I joined. When I joined the company, they helped me in every possible way. She was a hardworking, enthusiastic and responsible person who did not trust anyone but herself. A true mistress with a heart of gold. She was another type of personality which is probably rare in the world. Imagine that if my food or tea was missed during work and she found out, she would have been upset.


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Another friend of Sarah’s, Stephen Nash, says, “We were all there to find work and a better life in the UAE.” Wherever we were away from our families, Sara Inam was our support.

According to Sarah Dunavi, ‘I became friends with Sarah during work. She was always smiling. His smiling image still lingers in front of my eyes. I and about ten of our friends started our professional life together.

A book lover

Stephanie Habib said that Sarah Inam was very fond of studies. “Sometimes I would meet her by chance in Abu Dhabi, she would be sitting on a bench in a park or somewhere reading a book.”

Sarah Dunaway explains how she could forget how much Sarah loved books. When she was free, her only job was to read and read. Sarah loved to travel and explore different cultures. She used to learn different languages ​​quickly.

“Our group of friends have traveled a lot together,” he said. From Oman to Lebanon and Turkey. We went to different museums and different places together.

Stephen Nash says that ‘Sarah Inam was a thinker. Intelligent and soft spoken woman. She spent her free time reading non-fiction books. From history and politics to religion. We have often found him sitting in the corner of one or the other cafe and calmly reading one or the other book.

Loving her parents and family

According to Stephanie Habib, Sara was very close to her family and culture.

She always wanted to make her parents happy and give them love and comfort. She wanted her parents to be proud of her.

He said that she often used to go to Canada and Pakistan to meet her parents and friends. “She used to invite her parents to stay with her in Abu Dhabi, she was very sensitive about her mother in particular.”

Stephanie Habib said that she cared for her mother very much. She used to mention him often. She was also the darling of her mother. My heart aches when I think how her parents must be coping with what happened to their daughter.

He said that no one was more important to him than his family.

She used to say, ‘I hope that one day our children will be our friends too. Infer from this that nothing could be more important to him than his family.

Sarah Dunavi says that at this age, she wanted to start her family life. Like everyone else, she wanted to be wanted and loved by someone. I know what a great mother she would have been if she had become a mother. She used to talk to us about her future and her family life.


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