Asian women arrested for selling a baby online in Dubai

Three Asian women arrested for selling baby online in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

According to local media, the three women were jailed for trying to sell the baby online for 12,000 dirhams.

For which the police ambushed the mother and her 2 companions. Who had advertised on social media to sell a baby less than two months old.

It is known from the Dubai Criminal Court. That on receiving information from social media users, the police launched an ambush attack. For which a sting operation was conducted, in which a police official contacted these women with the help of the number given on the advertisement. So the mother also agreed to sell the child to the secret policeman.

The police official testified that the child’s mother had advertised on social media to sell the child. Who was less than two months old. The second accused agreed to bring the child from the mother and the third accused was going to receive the child in “Jumeirah” area. Where the police ambushed and arrest them. During investigation, the child’s mother admitted that the child was the result of an illicit relationship and that she had tried to sell it because she needed money. On which the three accused have been sentenced to three years in prison. They will also be deported after completing their sentence. While the child will be placed in special childcare.

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Meanwhile, an Asian woman working as a foreman in Dubai extorted 620,000 dirhams from a European girl on a dating app. A 33-year-old Asian man contacted a European girl through a dating application who was looking for a husband for marriage. The fraudster pretended to be an officer in the army of a western country and promised to marry a European girl and move with her to America. And when they started talking to each other online, he reassured her by sending her pictures of a man. which he was impersonating. And said that I am currently living in the United Arab Emirates. But I plan to go to America after marriage.

The victim girl said that the person used WhatsApp and Skype to communicate. However, whenever she would ask him to turn on his camera, he would tell her that I am at an army base and that is not allowed here. However, this person repeatedly asked her for money and said that this money would be used for their marriage and to start a new journey of life in America. Also, this money is being used to bribe a soldier so that he can be transferred to the army.

In her statement, the European girl said that a total amount of 6 lakh 20 thousand dirhams was transferred and she also bought 1 lakh in digital currency. However, after transferring the money, when he asked to meet, that person disappeared. And cut off all contact with him. This person was found to be an ex-officer on Googling. Who has a family. It has been learned that when the truth of the Asian person came to light, the girl immediately filed a complaint with the police and when the CID officers reached the place of the accused, it was found that he is a 33-year-old Asian. who works as a foreman while the investigation and records of the accused confirmed that the accused had received a large sum of money from the account of the victim.

Source: UrduPoint

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