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what is black water: Can we use it

Indian actress Kajal Aggarwal was recently spotted at the Mumbai airport with a bottle of ‘Black Water’. Journalists asked him out of curiosity what is special about this bottled water?

He smiled and replied, ‘This is also drinking water, you should drink it once. You will like it too.

When asked how long she has been drinking ‘black water’, she replied ‘for a long time.’

A few days ago, actress Shruti Haasan also announced on social media that she is also drinking black water. He recorded a video in which a glass of black water was visible.

Shruti said in the video: ‘When I first heard about Blackwater, it sounded like something new. Actually it is not black water, but it is alkaline water. It tastes like normal drinking water.

In the past, there have been reports in the media that actresses Malaika Arora, Urvashi Ratila and many other film stars also use black water.

What is Blackwater?

Black water is also called ‘alkaline water’ or ‘alkaline ionized water’.

According to the medical journal ‘Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine’ (EBCAM), the use of black water after gym or physical exercise or if the body has sweated a lot is of some help. In fact, it increases the supply of electrolytes in the body.

According to EBCAM, lab tests on mice have shown that alkaline water helps maintain body weight. Its use also speeds up the process of metabolism.

On the other hand, some companies have been claiming in their advertisements that alkaline water with a pH level above 7 reduces the signs of aging.

However, researchers in the EBCAM report say that there is no scientific evidence behind such claims.

What does Black water contain?

70% of our body consists of water. Therefore, it becomes necessary to drink plenty of water so that it reaches all parts of the body in adequate quantity and everything runs smoothly.

Water also helps in removing unwanted substances from our body. On the other hand, it maintains body temperature and plays a role in supplying minerals and salts to different parts of the body. Water also plays an important role in the proper digestion of food.

The companies that sell Blackwater say they are adding more than 70 minerals to their products to improve the above.

Blackwater contains minerals like magnesium and calcium. Different companies have different mineral ratios in their products.

Companies claim that black water speeds up the body’s metabolism, improves digestion, reduces acidity and boosts immunity.

What is the difference between normal water and black water?

What is the difference between normal water and black water?

Dietitian Dr. Ruth J. Sheila says that some minerals are present in relatively small amounts in the drinking water we usually consume. These minerals are essential for our body. In some cases, they are deficient in mineral salts and in this case the person may also get sick.

He added: “RO filter water has a low pH level, on the other hand it is more acidic, so sometimes the body has to face problems with RO water. For such people blackwater helps to some extent but we must also remember that natural alternatives are always more effective than these things.

The acidity and alkaline (salt) content of foods in liquid form is measured by pH. It is measured on a scale of 0 to 14 points. If the pH level of the water is 1 then it will be considered that it is more acidic, on the other hand if the pH level is 13 then it will be said that it has more alkaline elements.

Normally, the water we drink has a pH level between 6 and 7. But alkaline water has a pH level greater than 7. This means that black water is more alkaline than normal drinking water.

Dr Ruth J Sheila says: ‘However, we cannot say that alkaline water is more beneficial for health just because it has a higher pH level. It depends on the minerals in the water. It also matters how these minerals are reaching different parts of the body.

Who get benefits from Blackwater?

Researchers say that alkaline water can help people with certain health problems.

For example, an enzyme called pepsin causes acidity in the stomach.

According to research by the US National Library of Medicine, if the pH of alkaline mineral water is 8.8, it can reduce the effect of this enzyme.

Similarly, in a 2018 study by experts from Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine in Japan, it was revealed that alkaline electrolyzed water is useful in improving digestion and relieving constipation.

Experts from Thomas Jefferson University in the United States say that drinking alkaline water with a high pH level improves blood flow compared to drinking normal water.

The medical news website ‘The Healthline’ says that the scale of the three research projects mentioned above was very limited and that extensive research is needed to confirm such claims.

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Does Black water have any side effects?

Not that all is well with Blackwater. Some research has also indicated that long-term use of blackwater may have some side effects.

Research by Professor Marina Marin of the University of Turku in Finland has shown that excessive consumption of black water can lead to vomiting and changes in the pH level of body fluids.

Dietician Neeta Dilip also says that excessive consumption of minerals is not good for health. He says that minerals are considered good for health. But excessive consumption of minerals can be toxic to the body. On the other hand, lack of minerals can also lead to diseases.

For example, excessive consumption of calcium can lead to hypercalcemia. Similarly, excess iron can lead to hemochromatosis. So we should take any mineral in required quantity. Overdose can be fatal.

Neeta Dilip says: “It is true that celebrities are using it. However, they also take necessary precautions. They have a team of personal health experts and nutritionists. Just because someone is using blackwater doesn’t necessarily mean we should start doing the same. Every person’s body is different, we should take care of every aspect.

What is the price of Blackwater?

There are many brands selling black water in India. ‘Avox’ is also one of them. The bottle seen in Malaika Arora’s hand is of the same brand.

Its six-bottle pack can be bought for INR 600 and each bottle contains half a liter of water.

Evox is a Gujarat based company. It says it has 32 milligrams of calcium, 21 milligrams of magnesium and 8 milligrams of sodium in each bottle.

‘Ved Rishi’ is another company that sells black water. A set of six bottles (500 ml) of this is available for Rs 594.

That is, the price of a half liter bottle of black water is around 100 rupees in the market.

Can we use Black Water?

Experts say that balanced consumption of black water is not dangerous. But the most important thing, he says, is how well our bodies are able to digest the minerals in black water.

Neeta Dilip explains: ‘If your body cannot digest the minerals in black water, there is no point in consuming it. The reason for this is that each person’s body is different.

She advises that if you want to give your body minerals, it’s best to use natural methods.

He said: ‘For example, eat whole grains, fresh fruit and vegetables. The enzymes in them are better. The body can easily accept them. Have you ever seen your ancestors using something like blackwater? They were healthier than us. If you can understand it, you will believe that everything is nature.’

Dr Ruth J Sheila says: ‘There are many natural alternatives to blackwater. Lemon water, green tea, basil seed water, coconut water etc. These are all natural options. If you soak cucumbers and other fruits in water overnight and eat them in the morning, you will get all the minerals you need.’

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