14 people died in an accident on Klarkahar Motorway: How to ensure safe driving on the dangerous 10 km of Salt Range?

The death toll has risen to 14 and more than 60 injured as a result of the accident that happened to a passenger bus on Sunday night near Klarkahar in Chakwal, Punjab province.

According to rescue officials, the bus was going from Islamabad to Lahore when it met with an accident near Klarkahar. According to the local police, Barati was on board the bus.

According to Deputy Commissioner Chakwal Qarat-ul-Ain Malik, “On Sunday night at around 9 o’clock, the Barati bus going from Islamabad to Lahore went out of control at the place of Salt Range apparently due to brake failure and broke the safety barriers on the other side of the road from Lahore to Islam.” Hit the vehicles going to Abad. As a result of the accident, three vehicles including a bus fell into the ditch.

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According to Deputy Commissioner Qarat-ul-Ain, more than 80 passengers were affected as a result of the collision between the bus and the cars, of which 14 people, including the bus driver, died on the spot while more than 64 were injured.

According to him, so far the administration has handed over 12 dead bodies to the heirs, while the process of identifying the two dead persons is going on.

According to Deputy Commissioner Chakwal, in this accident, “it was a difficult process to pull out such a big bus from the ditch, so a part of the bus had to be cut, while the seriously injured people have been transferred to the Holy Family Hospital in Rawalpindi.”

As soon as the accident was reported, Rescue 1122 vehicles reached the accident site.

According to the spokesman of Rescue 1122 Chakwal, Khurram Manzoor, the rescue operation of removing the injured and dead from the ditch and transferring them to the hospital was completed at around 11:30 pm. The people trapped in the bus were rescued with the help of cutting tools, while all the injured have been shifted to the trauma center in Kalkarhar after providing first aid.

According to the authorities, six women are also among the dead.

10 km of Salt Range: Why is it important to drive carefully here?

The accident rate on the motorway is low compared to other roads in Pakistan, but due to the speed of the vehicles on the motorway, the accidents on it are usually fatal.

There is a stretch of about 10 km of Salt Range Kaler Kahar where many fatal accidents have happened in the past even though traffic warning signs are installed on this stretch of road and traffic police are present in the area and driving rules are enforced. Violators are also fined.

The 10 km section of the motorway at Klarkahar consists of ascent and descent along the mountain.

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