Former ICC Empire Asad Rauf passed away

Former ICC Empire Asad Rauf passed away

Former ICC Empire Asad Rauf passed away. According to details, former Empire and former Pakistani first-class cricketer Asad Rauf, who was a part of the ICC elite panel, passed away. According to media reports, while confirming the death of Asad Rauf, the family members said that he suffered a fatal heart attack on Wednesday night.

Asad Rauf was returning home after closing his shop when he suffered a heart attack.

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After suffering a heart attack, he was rushed to the hospital, where doctors confirmed his death. It should be noted that Asad Rauf was part of the Elite Panel of ICC’s Best Empires Group in the past, he was considered one of the best cricket empires in the world. Later, due to some controversies, his cricket empiring career ended.

After the end of his empiring career, Asad Rauf had rejoined his decades-old business. Asad Rauf also gave an exclusive interview to Pakistan’s largest website Urdu Point, in which he revealed the important secrets of his life.

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