Gang 102's Ringleader Arrested in Karachi by Police, Several Members Also Nabbed

Gang 102’s Ringleader Arrested in Karachi by Police, Several Members Also Nabbed

In a significant breakthrough, the ringleader of Lahore’s infamous “Gang 102” has been arrested from Karachi. The Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Bilal Siddique confirmed the arrest and revealed that eight other members of the gang were also apprehended by the Gulberg Investigation Police.

The gang comprising 25 young boys was notorious for torturing students outside their schools and uploading their videos on social media to spread fear. CCPO Bilal Siddique assured that the arrested individuals would face the full extent of the law.

The police did not disclose any further details about the location of Fakhar Zaman’s arrest or the exact date of the operation. However, the CCPO stated that the police had launched raids to arrest the other members who are currently hiding.

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The gang had been on the radar of the police for quite some time, and the recent arrests were made after receiving multiple complaints from the parents of the affected students. Earlier in February, three members of the gang were arrested after a video of them roaming in a large group went viral on social media.

According to reports, the gang comprised students from various Lahore colleges who would beat schoolchildren and rivals. They used to travel in luxury vehicles, including double-cabin trucks, to display their strength and influence.

The latest development is being hailed as a significant achievement by the police in curbing the rising incidents of violence and criminal activities by such gangs in the city. The public hopes that such stringent measures will deter the formation of similar groups and restore the safety and security of students in Lahore.

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