Rape of a woman in F9 Park: Full Story

The police of Islamabad claimed that two suspects involved in the rape of a woman at gunpoint in the F-nine Park located in the central area of ​​the city at the beginning of this month have been killed in an exchange of fire with the police.

In a statement issued by the police on Thursday, it is said that these accused opened fire on the personnel present at the police gate in Sector D12 and the two accused were killed in the retaliatory firing.

According to correspondent Shahzad Malik, it is said in the statement that vehicles were being checked at Nake on Wednesday night when the armed suspects who arrived there on a motorcycle started firing on seeing the police.

The spokesperson of the police says that both the accused were seriously injured in the retaliatory firing and they were shifted to the hospital, but they could not survive.

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The statement also said that the deceased have been identified and that they were wanted in serious crimes including street crime in addition to the F-9 rape case.

Earlier on Thursday, the Islamabad Police had said that the suspects involved in the F-9 rape case had been identified through Safe City cameras.

Police also released a video in which two men on a motorcycle could be seen leaving the F-Nine Park gate.

The incident of raping the woman at gunpoint in F Nine Park took place on February 2. The victim was with her partner at F9 Park in the evening when two armed men beat them at gunpoint and took them to the forest adjacent to the park and raped them.

The case of this incident was registered in Margalla police station of Islamabad.

According to the FIR, the woman has alleged that on 2 February, at 8 pm, she was in F-Nine Park with an office colleague, where she was stopped at gunpoint by two men and taken to the forest where she was shot dead. Separated from office mate.

According to the woman’s statement, she was then threatened, her hair was pulled and she was raped after being pushed to the ground.

The man then allegedly threw the woman’s clothes elsewhere so that she could not escape and then sent another accomplice who raped her.

The woman said that the two men then returned the looted items and fled towards the forest after handing over a Rs 1,000 note and asking them not to tell anyone about it.

It should be noted that this is not the first incident of rape and violence in F-Nine Park.

In December 2021, an accused assaulted a person coming for exercise at F-Nine Park, damaging his eyesight.

F-Nine Park is one of the biggest parks in the city and is open from morning till evening and hundreds of men and women visit this park every day to walk and exercise.

Protection of women is at the bottom of every government’s priorities:

As soon as this news came out, the users on social media termed this incident as very disturbing and scary and not only condemned it in strong words but also criticized the government, police, administration and justice system in the country.

A Twitter user, Afzal Khan, wrote that the security in this seven-hundred-acre park is zero and there is no lighting, while hundreds of CDA officials assigned to the park are taking money for doing nothing.

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Hamza Qazi wrote that “terrible incidents with women in Pakistan are becoming normal now.” The shameful thing is that the protection of women is at the bottom of every government’s priorities. The people involved also know that they will escape from the police and judiciary because of the weak system.

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