Who are transgender?

He is a complete man. Physically there was no defect in him, he was capable of marrying and begetting children, but he was psychologically deranged to such an extent that it was girls. Nazad started eating like this, he was not a girl but he imagined himself as a girl, the habit of homosexuality developed in him.

Writer: Khalil Ahmad Naini Talwala

In 2018, a law was passed in Pakistan under which people who consider themselves to be women despite being men or women who consider themselves to be men can present themselves as the gender of their choice. Registered in the NADRA office, now he has become a transgender by physically proving himself to be a woman mentally because this country has given him the freedom to do so.

Some people think that eunuchs are transgender, this is a serious misunderstanding. No one even asks these poor people, they don’t need any law to call them eunuchs, they are physically incomplete, incomplete, they are separated by the Supreme Court. has given identity, this law is not made for eunuchs but for physically normal men and women, this law is made for physically normal but mentally psychiatric patients.

All the doctors of Pakistan are shouting and saying that there is a complete cure for these types of psychotic people. They can become mentally normal again, then why are they being attracted to homosexuality? It is the grace of the new law that physically perfect men can marry another man by declaring themselves as women and live a homosexual life. This is an attempt to invite divine punishment.

Remember, through this law, a great sin like homosexuality has been legalized in a Muslim state like Pakistan, and Pakistanis are silent due to ignorance or have been forced to remain silent, it has been made easier for these homosexuals. That is, they can continue the sin of their choice as they wish. Everyone knows about this sin, but they have been chained to the torture of livelihood in such a way that their souls are also imprisoned. The faith of those who speak against words is one level higher than those who say evil in their hearts. Rather, the voice is raised against evil.

In recent times, the family and social system of Pakistan has been severely attacked by the Transgender Act. If the attack is not remedied in time, it will have disastrous consequences. The Protection of Rights Act 2018 is popularly known as the Transgender Act. This law was passed in the last months of the PML-N regime when Shahid Khaqan. Abbasi was the prime minister. It was one of the few laws in favor of which the government and the opposition voted unanimously. Jamaat-e-Islami Senator Mushtaq Ahmed Khan strongly opposed it, but no one heard the parrot’s voice in the clarion call.

Fortunately, the PML-N government is once again in the center at this time. Mian Shahbaz Sharif can atone for this sin and erase this stigma from his forehead. They have already taken great courage by appealing against the decision, if the same traditional stand is taken on this matter, then no one will be able to save them from the wrath of nature.

I will request all sections of the society, especially the scholars and influential figures of the society, to put religious differences aside, play their role on this important issue and find a way to return this law, otherwise the flood of social misbehavior will destroy everything. May Allah grant us the courage and the ability to do our part, Amen.

Source: Urdu Point

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