Who is the killer of Arshad Sharif?

Anchor Arshad Sharif suffered a very sad tragedy. May Allah forgive him, Amen. He was brutally killed by the police in Kenya. While they had no crime or guilt.

According to the initial inquiry by the Kenyan police, Arshad Sharif’s car, in which he was traveling, was mistakenly targeted for not stopping at a stop marked for a stolen vehicle. One of the bullets fired hit Arshad Sharif on the head. From which he died.

The tragedy of Arshad Sharif made everyone depressed. The Kenyan police is yet to conduct a full investigation into the incident, while Pakistan has also sent an inquiry team to Kenya. The government has also announced the formation of an inquiry commission. There are many questions that are being asked to be answered. How did this incident happen? Under what circumstances did the slain journalist leave Pakistan? Who forced to go out? Where did they live abroad and with whom? On whose advice and why did you go to Kenya? Who stayed there? Where is their driver who was with them at the time of the tragedy?

Why hasn’t his statement come out yet? Why did he take them to the scene of tragedy? Was it a tragedy that happened as a result of a mistake or a conspiracy and a well-thought-out plan? Is this conspiracy related to Pakistan? Is any political party or any organization behind this alleged conspiracy? It is the responsibility of our government to find out the answer to these questions. But what I am extremely sorry for is that everyone has started drawing their own conclusions before the questions that have come up after this tragedy have been answered.

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If someone started blaming the Sharif family, then questions are being raised on Imran Khan as well. Which in my view is the result of the politics of hatred in our society which has caused a lot of damage to our politics, society and country. The most dangerous thing is that a section has started directly pointing fingers at the institutions of Pakistan. The sad thing is that big politicians like Imran Khan, who have millions of voters and supporters, have directly said that Arshad Sharif was targeted by them, who used to threaten him by making unknown calls in Pakistan. Who imposed the current rulers, whom they call thieves and robbers, on the nation.

Imran Khan even said that he had received these reports that a program had been made to kill Arshad Sharif. And that’s why they asked the journalist to leave Pakistan immediately and go out of the country. Khan, his party and social media are pointing towards the state institutions. It seems that they have decided immediately who is Arshad Sharif’s killer? If anyone doubts that someone sitting in Pakistan killed a journalist in Kenya. So how can one draw conclusions without having answers to the questions that arise and solid evidence. That a state agency is involved in this crime?

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Irresponsible things happen on social media. And baseless allegations are also made. But looking at the social media in such a case, if a section of our political leaders and journalists sit and think about their own institutions that they are responsible, then it is very inappropriate. We object to the interference in the politics of the state institution we are talking about, it is also true that agencies continue to abuse journalists and influence the media as well. But if without any evidence we will make serious allegations against an institution of our own country which is the guarantor of Pakistan’s defence, its integrity and our nuclear programme. And who fought against terrorism by giving thousands of sacrifices and these sacrifices are still being given today. So that the people are safe, then how will the strong relationship between the people and this institution be maintained?

Those who, without evidence, have decided against their state agency that they committed this crime, have been blinded by their own political and personal bases. They should seriously consider their behavior for the sake of Pakistan. Yes, if anyone has any evidence, let them bring it forward, but do not do any irresponsible action due to their own personal and political interests or prejudices that weaken Pakistan itself.

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