Husband criticizes for playing badly, Kainat imtiaz

All-rounder of Pakistan women’s cricket team Kainat Imtiaz says that husband also has to listen to the bad performance of the team, he supports me a lot but he also criticizes me for showing bad game.

According to private TV channel GeoNews Pakistani all-rounder Kainat Imtiaz says that if this question is asked to a married woman cricketer that they have no problem, then this question should also be asked to boys because after marriage, most of them get married. Cricketers are playing, I think the problem of being married in the game is not only for girls but also for boys, family support is very important, whether it is a boy or a girl, she said. I am not facing any problem because of this.

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The Pakistani cricketer Kainat Imtiaz further said that my parents support me a lot and because of them I became a cricketer. After marriage, now I am getting encouragement from my in-laws. are but also very active, like common fans, husband’s also want Pakistan team to play consistently, my husband has to listen to the poor performance of Pakistan team. He said that I request from families that girls Support, if families don’t support, girls won’t come to the game.

Kainat Imtiaz said that the goal is to bring the Asia Cup to Pakistan, at the moment there is only one mindset and that is to play with consistency, at the moment there is a lack of consistency in the team, individually many players are performing well. But the overall performance of the team lacks consistency, this line has to be crossed, we also get disappointed when we lose, we motivate each other, take criticism positively and try to do well. That Kainat Imtiaz is currently busy preparing for the Women’s Asia Cup at the Lahore Country Club Mureed.

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