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Michael Jordan jersey sold at auction for $10.1 million

Michael Jordan, the world’s richest and favorite basketball player, is in the news again because of his jersey worn in the opening game of the 1998 NBA Finals, which fetched a record $10.1 million (approx. Dollars) has been auctioned.

It is the most expensive memorabilia sold by any athlete in sports history.

Sotheby’s, the auction house that auctioned the jersey, said the jersey’s auction generated “a lot of excitement” among fans and memorabilia collectors.

The jersey is reminiscent of a basketball match, also featured in the Netflix documentary ‘The Last Dance’, in which Jordan won his sixth and final NBA title.

According to the auction house, there were a total of 20 bids for Jordan’s jersey.

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Brahm Wacher, head of the prestigious apparel department at the auction house, said bidders were excited to own this rare piece of history.

“The jersey auction at a record price confirms once again that Michael Jordan is undoubtedly the most popular player in the world of sports and that his almost 25-year-old legacy is just as popular and important today,” said Wachter. .’

The auction of Michael Jordan’s jersey also broke the record of soccer star Diego Maradona’s $9.28 million jersey, which he wore in the 1986 World Cup.

Source: BBC

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