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NPR Quits Twitter After Being Labeled State-Affiliated Media

National Public Radio (NPR) has decided to quit Twitter after the social media platform labeled it as “state-affiliated media”. NPR criticized Twitter’s labeling system, calling it “confusing” and stating that it fails to account for the differences between state-sponsored propaganda and independent journalism.

According to NPR, Twitter’s labeling system was originally intended to provide transparency regarding state-affiliated media. However, NPR argues that the system is being misused, as it does not accurately reflect the nature of NPR’s reporting, which is independent and not influenced by any government or political entity.

NPR’s decision to leave Twitter is not the first time the social media platform has been criticized for its labeling practices. In 2020, Twitter labeled several media outlets affiliated with the Chinese government, including Xinhua News Agency and China Global Television Network, as “state-affiliated media”. The move drew criticism from the Chinese government and sparked debate about the role of social media in shaping public discourse.

Overall, NPR’s departure from Twitter highlights the ongoing tension between social media platforms and news outlets, as they navigate the increasingly complex landscape of online journalism and information dissemination.

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